Art: skills

Today, we’ve had our first experience of wet felting. We made our own pre felt using wool roving and we added colours and decoration based on the observational lesson we did last week.

Algebraic Expressions

We look have been working practically to form expressions.  We are much more confident at this skill, ready to apply it to finding the perimeter of shapes

History: Imperial War Museum Visit

We had a fantastic time at the Imperial War Museum. We were lucky to talk to two veterans who were very open and honest about their experiences during their time in the army and navy. It was fascinating to here about their roles and stories and get a deeper understanding of what it was like to be involved in conflict.

We then explored the exhibits at the museum to gain a deeper understanding of life during WWII.

Art: gathering inspiration

Today we have used our painting and drawing skills to collect ideas to help with the designing of our wet felting. We have looked at the pattern and colours of sea coral and urchins for inspiration.


We are proud of ourselves in Year 6 as we have been working on some tricky areas of maths :BIDMAS and algebra.